An article about colors
Task 1. Выписать новые слова на карточки и запомнить их.

we tend to think - Мы склонны думать

tribe - племя

correspond with - соответствовать

egg yolk - яичный желток

feel blue - грустить

black as an ace of spades - очень чёрный (как негр) ("черный как пиковый туз", когда говорим про загар)

the red eye flight - ночной рейс

Task 2. Read the text.

We tend to think of colors as ideas which all humans agree on – grass is green, flames are orange, the sky is light blue .

Many people are surprised to learn that different languages do not consider the basic colors to be the same. Some New Guinea languages, for example, still have terms only for black and white (perhaps better translated as "dark" and "light").

Hanuno'o language, spoken in the Philippines, has only four basic color words: black, white, red and green.

Pirahã language, spoken by an Amazonian tribe has no fixed words for colors. According to linguist Dan Everett, if you show them a red cup, they're likely to say, "This looks like blood".

Here are some specific examples of how different colors are dealt with in various languages.

Hindi has no standard word for the color "gray".

Serbo-Croatian speakers say "blue hair" for blond hair, even though they have words for yellow and golden.

Italian speakers call the egg yolk ("red of the egg" - яичный "краснок")

In Vietnamese, both tree leaves and the sky are described by the color word xanh.

In Thai, the word means green, but is also used to describe the sky.

Task 3. Answer the questions

  1. What's your favorite color?

  2. Do you have a color that you hate?

  3. What's the best color for a car?

  4. Do you know anyone who is color blind?

  5. What does it mean when someone says he's feeling blue?

  6. What does it mean when someone says "he was black as an ace of spades"?

  7. What does the black sheep of the family mean?

  8. This word is used when traveling: I bought a ticket on the red eye flight. What might this mean?

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