Задание 1. Выписать незнакомые слова на карточки и запомнить их

Once upon a time - жил-был/однажды

inconsolable - безутешный

glory - слава

wisdom - мудрость

envious man - завистливый человек

cheer - веселиться

clench - сжать

predict - предсказать

Задание 2. READ THE TEXT.

Once upon a time a wise man lived. People from all over the neighbourhood and even from other towns visited him to have an advice. And nobody left him being inconsolable. The glory about his wisdom spread all over the country.

An envious man heard about him one day and thought,

"I'm going to laugh at him!"

He caught a butterfly, put it between his closed palms and went to the wise man. While the envious man was going he was cheering in himself,

"I'll ask him what kind of butterfly I have in my hands - dead or alive. If he says "alive" i'll clench my fist. If he says "dead" i'll let it out".

He came to the wise man and told,

"You can predict everything. Could you tell me what kind of butterfly I brought - dead or alive?"

The wise man looked at him and said,

"Everything is in your hands".


Задание 4. Do you agree that Everything is in our hands?

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