Seeing People Off
Задание 1. Прочитать текст, незнакомые слова выписать на карточки и выучить.

Seeing People Off

On a cold grey morning of last week I turned up at Euston (вокзал в Лондоне) to see off an old friend of mine who was starting for America.

1. turn up – появиться
2. see off – провожать
3. start for – отправляться в

Now we were at the platform, looking at the face of our friend in the window of the railway-carriage. We felt a bit awkward.

1. railway-carriage – вагон поезда
2. awkward– неловкий

"Have you got everything?" asked one of us, breaking the silence.
"Yes, everything," said our friend with a pleasant nod.
There was a long pause.
One of us forced a smile and said: "Well."
Another pause was broken by a fit of coughing.
All these nods, smiles and fits of coughing served to pass the time. But there was no sign of train departure.

1. Have you got everything?– ты все взял?
2. break the silence – нарушить тишину
3. pleasant nod – оживленный кивок
4. force a smile — натянуто улыбаться
5. a fit of coughing — приступ кашля
6. pass the time — провести/скоротать время
7. serve – служить
8. pass the time – скоротать время
9. train departure – отправление поезда

An the next window a middle-aged man was talking earnestly to a young lady. She was evidently American, he was evidently English. The face of a man seemed familiar to me. In a flash I remembered the man. It was Hubert Le Ros. But how he changed since I saw him last!

1. middle-aged – среднего возраста
2. earnestly – искренне
3. evidently - очевидно
4. seem familiar to me – показалось мне знакомым
5. in a flash — мгновенно

Seven or eight years ago he acted in a London theatre. He was a good actor. But his talent had never made him successful on the stage. It was a mystery to me.
Here on the platform he looked prosperous and solid. It was not only the flesh he put on but also the clothes. They made him hard to recognize. He looked like a banker. Anyone would be proud to be seen off by him (Любой бы гордился тем, что его провожает такой человек).

1. prosperous (syn. rich) — преуспевающий
2. solid — солидный
3. not only … but also — не только … но и…
4. look like a banker — как банкир

"Stand back, please!"
The train was about to start and I waved farewell to my friend. Le Ros didn't stand back. He stood clasping in both hands the hands of the young American. There were tears in his eyes.
"Stand back, sir, please!"
He obeyed. When he watched the train out of sight, he turned around.

1. be about to start – готов отправиться
2. stand back — отойти назад (от платформы)
3. wave farewell – помахать на прощанье
4. tears – слезы
5. obey — повиноваться, подчиняться
6. turn around – повернуться

When he saw me, he was delighted.
I asked him where he did act.
"On the platform," he answered.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
He smiled at me.
"This," he whispered, striking his stick on the ground, "is the platform I mean. Have you been seeing a friend off?"

1. be delighted – быть в восхищении
2. on the platform – на платформе
3. whisper – прошептать
4. strike a stick – ударить палкой

"Have you have heard of Anglo-American Social Bureau (A.A.S.B)?"
Then he explained to me that thousands of Americans who pass through England have no English friends.
"Americans are sociable people, besides most of them have money to spend. The A.A.S.B. supplies them with English friends. I am only an employee. My job is to see people off."

1. Besides – кроме того
2. supply with – обеспечивать
3. employee – наемный служащий

I asked to explain.
"Many Americans," he said, "don't have friends in England. But they want to be seen off. They send money to the Bureau, giving the date of departure and the description by which the seer-off can recognize the traveler on the platform. The fee is only 5 pounds. I get 50 per cent of it. But even so I do very well. If I were a director, I would be a very rich man indeed."

1. date of the departure – дата отправления
2. recognize – опознать, узнать
3. fee – гонорар
4. do well – преуспевать
5. If I were a director, I would be … — Если бы я был директором, я бы был…

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