Table Manners Around the World
New words

thoroughly [ ˈθʌrəli ] - тщательно, совершенно, полностью

commence [ kəˈmens ] начинаться (КОММЕНтарии начинают появляться)

tribute [ ˈtrɪb.juːt ] дань, награда (ТРИ БЬЮТ одного и им за это награда)

abundant [ əˈbʌn.dənt ] обильный (Э, в БАНе ДАНТист обильно папарился)

hospitality [ ˌhɒs.pɪˈtæl.ə.ti ] гостеприимство

upon leaving - после ухода [ əˈpɒn ]

showing up - появление

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Table Manners Around the World

If you drop bread on the floor while dining at a table, pick it up, kiss it and touch it to your forehead before putting it somewhere other than the floor.

Do not answer the phone at the dinner table.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating.
You must finish everything on your plate.

Before you commence a meal, wait for your host to tell you three times to begin eating.

It is polite to leave a little bit of food on your plate at the end of a meal, as a tribute to the host's abundant hospitality.
Upon leaving the table, always compliment the person who cooked your food.

Showing up early for dinner is considered rude; aim to arrive fifteen to thirty minutes late.

Let's talk about traditions! Answer the questions!

What are the famous traditions in your country?
What is your favorite traditional food?
Do you have any family tables manners?
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